The Walking Dead season 10 trailer introduces new characters and Maggie’s return team-up Tap To know More

The Walking Dead season 10 trailer

The Walking Dead season 10: It is the most loved horror American series. It has released nine seasons and in October 2019 it released half part of it. The second part was set to release in February 2020. But due to the pandemic, it pushed further to October 2020. Later on, additional six episodes added to the tenth season which will be released in February 2021.


A new trailer is out  for Season 10 of Walking dead

A new trailer has released for the additional episodes which will be released in February 2021. The trailer reveals a short glimpse of new characters and a look of return of Maggi. Apart from this, a peek has also seen which reveals the changes and conditions under which the shooting is going on.


The clip was titled The Walking Dead in productions.

New and returning characters

Also, two new characters are added and a glimpse of those have revealed in the trailer. The new characters are Hilarie Burton Morgan as the wife of Negan, Lucille, and Robert Patrick’s Mays.


Apart from these, a returning character would be there. Lauren Cohan as Maggie will be going to return in season 10. She will be going to team up with Daryl and Hershel.

What else in the trailer?

Apart from the new characters- Hilarie Burton Morgan and Robert Partick and the returning character Maggie, played by Lauren Cohan a short peek of how the shooting is going on right now. When the camera goes behind showing a glimpse of shooting conditions, it shows the staff and crew members wearing masks. Precautionary measures are taken care of while shooting. Also, the Cameras are way too far while shooting.
So apart from this Season, 11 will be going to release in 2022. It will consist of 24 episodes. The Walking Dead will be going to end with 24 episodes in Season 11.


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