The Walking Dead: World Beyond release date revealed!

The Walking Dead: World Beyond: It is one of the most popular and watched series from the past years.
Although with the ten seasons and it’s spin off series ,Fear The Walking Dead, now AMC had more in its store for it, which will be a another new spin off series known, as The Walking Dead: World Beyond. Read below to get more details about the walking dead new spin off series.


The Walking Dead: World Beyond

With the final episode of the season 10 of the Series and the the underway of its sixth season of its spin off series, we will be getting more in the spin off section of the series which will be named as The Walking Dead: World Beyond
This new spin off series catching more heat due to its release predictions, and the fans demand who ware waiting for it to be released soon


What Will Be The Release Date For This Spin-Off?

Several series and films got lethal damage due to the prevailing Covid-19 pandemic which abrupted the production. This spin off series The Walking Dead: World Beyond also became the victim of the prevailing scenario causing it to get delayed
At first it got the date of April 12 for its release but now its been again changed to October 4 after a long wait for the exact release date.

Where Will It Be Available?

The series will be available on the same platform where the previous main as well as the spin off series had been released which is AMC Networks and on the Amazon Prime Originals

The Walking Dead: World Beyond

What Will Be The Plot For The Walking Dead: World Beyond?

The series is expected to show the past younger generation and will be revolving around the 10 years post apocalypse.

Who Will Be The Cast Of The Series?

  • Alexa Mansour acted as Hope Bennett
  • Nicolas Cantu acted as Elton Ortiz
  • Hal Cumpston acted as Silas Plaskett
  • Aliyah Royale acted as Iris Bennett
  • Annet Mahendru acted as Huck
  • Nico Tortorella acted as Felix Carlucci
  • Julia Ormond acted as Elizabeth Kublek
  • Joe Holt acted as Leo Bennett
  • Natalie Gold acted as Lyla
  • Al Calderon acted as Barca
  • Scott Adsit acted as Tony
  • Ted Sutherland acted as Percy


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