The Waylanders will launch on Steam this weekend


The previous sequels of Waylanders have taken the story in entertain-if-less-than-solid new directions. The Dragon Age’s original version had a simple mission, which was to bring the strategy role-playing of Baldur’s Gate to the modern audience. The Waylanders now aim to revive that spirit and it will be able to do that with some of the features from Dragon Age that made it great in the first place.


The Waylanders will be landing on Steam on 16th June. This information was revealed in the IGN Summer of Gaming Event. This early release will consist of a “portion” of the game’s first act, nearly one-fourth of the game’s total runtime. Along with the rest of the story, the remaining combat options and the updates on balance will be rolled out over the course of Early Access which is slated to end until late 2020 or early 2021.


The release date of Waylanders is expected to be announced very soon.

Story-line of Waylanders

The game will land you into a world of ancient time travelling, when the Celtic and Medieval eras collide. Mike laid low the creative director of Dragon Age has served as a consultant on the game. The former Telltale writer Emily Grace Buck leads the story. Chris Avellone, the venerable is also giving his efforts on the project’s narrative.

Here is the trailer for which will give you a glance of the game-

In the trailer you will find out that the Dragon Age has inspired it with an additional colorful art style.


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