The Wheel Of Time Season 1: Release, Plot, Cast And More Information

A Wheel Of Time

The Wheel Of Time Season 1: Who doesn’t like the Game of Thrones? It is arguably the best TV series that has ever been made. Its fanbase is so wide, varied and enthusiastic, that it can’t be possible that you haven’t come across a random guy pressurizing you to watch it, claiming that it’s going to change your life. Been there, done that- peer pressure made all of us watch it. There have been many times that production companies have tried to replicate the overall theme of The whole medieval time, high fantasy, huge arcs and timelines, and stuff. And nothing has come near to GOT. But, we might just have something developing on the horizon that might defeat the apex position dominated by the globally popular show.


Jeff Bezos owned Amazon Prime is coming up with its own TV series called The Wheel of Time


Here’s everything we know about it.

Originally written by Robert Jordan and concluded by fantasy author Brandon Sanderson, it is a  series that takes place in the “future” which actually resembles a lot of our planet’s past. A large apocalyptic event ended the technologically advanced society known as the ‘Age of Legends’, and the people of the world are now living in the ruins of it.

The Wheel Of Time Season 1 follows the character of Moiraine Damodred, a member of an all-female magic organization called “Aes Sedai”, which goes on a path to find a mythic figure, a “Dragon Reborn” on which the fate of humanity depends. 

The story seems interesting and well-written. People are already dying to see this upcoming addition to the long list of Amazon Originals.

When is it Going to Release?

The producers haven’t yet confirmed a release date of the show, but an IMdD listing shows the premiere to be in 2021. As coronavirus has hampered the production aspects of literally every TV show, it’s safe to assume that The Wheel of Time was affected too.


Rosamund Pike from Gone Girl plays the lead role in the series. The rest of the cast is given below-

Josha Stradowski, Marcus Rutherford, Zoë Robins, Barney Harris, and Madeleine Madden.


Are you pumped up to see this new fantasy series? Let us know!

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