The Witcher Season 2 – Release Date and All Latest Details Here

The Witcher Season 2: Brew your potions and oil that silver sword, because the Witcher is going to start shooting for Season 2 from August 17. It seems that the upcoming season will delve even deeper into the complex racial politics of The Continent. Do you have what it takes to accompany Geralt of Rivia on his conquests? Let’s take a look at what we know.


While The Witcher team brushes off all comparisons to Game of Thrones, Netflix viewers have already devoured the first season and are hungry for more. Due to the ongoing pandemic, the production team had to press the pause button to the entire shoot after just four weeks. Good news for the fandom, though, the 7-month long shoot is set to restart, so the viewers can expect to toss a coin to their witcher again in Summer 2021. Sadly, there’s just no official release date for The Witcher season 2 yet, and without the magic of Yennefer to direct us, it’s hard to predict exactly when the freshly-hunted episodes of The Witcher will drop, particularly considering the unpredictability of the coronavirus pandemic. For those who were greatly puzzled by the different timelines and storylines in the already-released episodes, be assured- season two will follow a more cohesive structure, said showrunner Lauren Hissrich in a recent Gamesradar interview. We are counting on Vesemir, the oldest and the wisest Witcher to ever exist, to grace us with his presence this Season. As confirmed in February 2020, Kim Bodnia has been cast to play the role of the same. Scoia’tael is non-human guerillas also known as the Squirrels, due to the squirrel tails they wear on themselves. They are set to make an appearance again, after a small introduction in the second episode of Season One.

The Witcher season 2

As Geralt takes on the protection and training of Freya Allan’s character of Ciri, they will together embark upon various expeditions across the Continent and slay beasts. After all, if He is out there, there is still hope.

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