Thomas and friends season 24 is coming to Netflix soon, Here are all the details..

Thomas and Friends Season 24 to be released soon. Here are all recent updates about the upcoming season. 


Are you a Thomas and Friends fan? If yes then here is really good news for all of you. Soon you will get to watch season 24 of Thomas and friends on Netflix. 


When will season 24 be released? 

Well, it will arrive on September 1, 2020. We all know that license for Thomas and Friends was taken by Netflix. Prior to Netflix, the show was aired on Nickelodeon. 

You all might know that two movies on Thomas and Friends are already released. But there is a kind of limitation we can say on season 24 of Thomas and Friends. Only people living in Canada and the United States will get to watch season 24 on 1st September 2020.

When will other regions get to watch season 24?

We all know that the release date of earlier seasons of Thomas and Friends had a strange pattern. Its various seasons are released at different times in different regions 


Season 22 of the show was released in the United Kingdom 1 month after season 23 was aired in the United States. Moreover, the show has released its 15th and 16th seasons in Australia. So you can make out how strange the release schedule of Thomas and Friends is. 

If a similar trend is followed then we can expect the release of the 23rd season in September or October in other regions. But if you are eagerly waiting to know the release date of the upcoming season in your region, check out the coming soon tab on Netflix. 

Do you know that before a new season of Thomas and Friends gets released on Netflix, it is first aired on a specific channel in the United Kingdom? It is aired on channel 5.

So what all do we know about season 24 of Thomas and Friends? 

The upcoming season will have 23 episodes. Further, the first season has already been released in the United States. It’s there on Netflix. 

The 24th season of the children series was started releasing on 2nd May this year. Whereas in the United States it started airing one day prior, that is on May 1 of this year. 


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