Thomas & Friends under development at Mattel and Marc Foster’s production company 2Dux²

Mattel and Marc Foster

We have all loved Thomas and friends as a cartoon series, and now it is being adapted into a film. The movie will be directed by Marc Forster who is a German Swiss filmmaker who is mainly known for World War Z and the kite runner. The fifty year old director said Thomas was his favorite show when he was growing up.


It will also be adapted for the theatres by Mattel films and also by 2Dux which is a production company. The screenplay of the film has been written by thirty five year old Alyssa Hill and fifty two year old actor and director Kevin McKeon.


The production companies revealed that the film based on the cartoon franchise will be a family adventure which will have live-action and animation. Director of the film, Forster expressed that he is very happy that he is working on a film about one of the favorite characters from his childhood. This also makes it nostalgic.

Thomas & Friends
Thomas & Friends


The cartoon show, if you do not know is based on a train which has been given voice, and his friends who are also locomotives. the show was so popular that there are toys and mini shows based on the same. More movies like Barbie and hotwheels were also made based on cartoon animated shows.

The British television series was itself based on a book, for children. The show started to air at three networks which included ITV, nick junior and also Channel five. The theme song of the animated cartoon series also got very popular.

One of the narrators of the was from Japan, Leo Morimoto and the other narrator was Mark Moraghan.


Currently a release date has not been announced by the production companies, but we can assume that it will premiere in the next year only.


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