Thor and Luke Cage put Deadpool’s Healing Factor to the ultimate test.

Deadpool once requested Luke Cage and Thor, two of Marvel’s most powerful characters, to rip him in half for a good reason.


Thor and Luke Cage


To get rid of a villain whose healing factor caused him to regenerate inside Deadpool’s body, the Merc with the Mouth enlisted the help of Luke Cage and Thor, who ripped him in half. Madcap lives inside Deadpool after regenerating from molecules in Marvel Comics’ Deadpool Annual #1 (2013). So Wade Wilson enlists the help of two of Marvel’s most powerful heroes to actually rend him apart in the hopes that Madcap will flee his body.

Madcap has become one of Deadpool’s most recognisable villains, having joined the rogues gallery in the 2010s, more than 25 years after originally debuting in Marvel Comics. Madcap is immune to pain, has the ability to control emotions, and possesses a healing factor that even Deadpool admits is superior than his own. When Madcap returned from his disintegration, he took over a portion of Deadpool’s body, prompting the antihero to have Thor and Luke Cage split his body apart so he could reclaim control.

In Deadpool Annual #1 (2013) by Ben Acker, Ben Blacker, Evan “Doc” Shaner, Veronica Gandini, and VC’s Joe Sabino from Marvel Comics, Deadpool checks out Hell’s Kitchen and is interrupted by the Avengers and one of their epic confrontations. Deadpool is met by Madcap as he laments their arrival. Daredevil and Thor arrive while they discuss it, with the blind hero instructing the God of Thunder to strike Deadpool and Madcap with lightning to subdue them because of their healing factor. Deadpool, on the other hand, heals with Madcap’s psyche inside him after accidentally turning both to dust. The relationship begins well, but both unusual personalities soon realise that they need to be on their own.

As Thor and Luke Cage arrive, Deadpool and Madcap decide to split up, with the latter utilising his abilities to persuade the strongmen to rip him in half.

Thor and Luke Cage are successful in ripping Deadpool in half, dividing the antihero and the villain, and each of them regrows as their entire selves. The two Marvel Comics strongmen are hilariously perplexed by what has just occurred, confessing they aren’t sure if they really killed Deadpool. But maybe even more striking are Deadpool and Madcap’s emotions after their healing factors restored their bodies, as they both admit to enjoying each other’s company, with Wade Wilson expressing that he misses him as the comic closes.

After both Deadpool and Madcap were ripped in half, their healing factors demonstrated extraordinary regenerative ability. Even if Wade Wilson missed being one with Madcap, the Merc with a Mouth’s prediction that they would regrow as two separate entities proved to be correct. While Deadpool may have regretted breaking up with Madcap, ripping Luke Cage and Thor in pieces proved to be the final test of his healing factor, proving that it could grow two healing factor-powered individuals together and split them apart just as easily.

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