Thor: Love and Thunder – shooting to begin in Sydney

Thor Love and Thunder

Thor Love and Thunder: The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) is an American media franchise and shared universe centered on a series of superhero films. It is produced independently by Marvel Studios and based on characters that appear in comic books by Marvel Comics.


The movies have gained popularity all over the world. Nobody can ever forget the craze when  Avengers Endgame was streaming in halls and it became nearly impossible to get tickets!



Endgame marked the end of the amazing Infinity Saga. It has now started with a new journey called Phase 4. So, there’s great news for all the Marvel fans. It looks like the production might be gearing up to begin filming for Thor: Love and Thunder.

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Thor: Love and Thunder pre-production

It is one of the most anticipated Marvel movies because of the popularity and fame of Thor: Ragnarok.

It is intended to be the fifth installment in Phase 4.

Reports claimed that the cast of the movie (Portman and family) has reached Sydney for shooting the film. This Thor movie will be a bit different from the others as this will be based on the plot derived from the original Marvel comics. Fans are eager to see what Taika Waititi will bring to the MCU that would include the Guardians of the Galaxy and Natalie Portman’s character. Since Thor: Ragnarok was filmed in Australia too, it stands a good reason that Thor: Love and Thunder would follow the same. Many studios in the U.S. are closed too.


Twists in Thor: Love and Thunder

There are tons of exciting threads ranging from the physical transformation of Thor to the inclusion of the Guardians.

Also, Jane’s transformation into a superhero.

Tessa Thompson’s Valkyrie is the current King of New Asgard and will likely be looking for a queen too.

This film is also going to enter a Mighty Thor in the MCU. The fans now can expect to see Jane wield the mystical hammer.

Release of Thor: Love and Thunder

It is expected that the much-awaited Marvel series film will arrive in theatres on 11th February 2022. Excited much already?

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