Thunderbolts are just DC’s Suicide Squad admitted by Marvel

king in balck

Marvel’s Thunderbolts just accepted that they’re Suicide Squad and the classic team from DC comics.


King in black


King in Black: Thunderbolts: Spoilers

“King in Black” has introduced Marvel to a totally new kind of terror. In these comics, the Thunderbolts just admitted that they’re Suicide Squad and not DC comics other criminals. As we have seen DC comics have a team of criminals with the same name. The new team of the Thunderbolts is assembled by Wilson Fisk. The beginning of the symbiote invasion, offering a decent amount of money to save the world from Knull. Unluckily, it wasn’t until the team had already agreed to this. They were too close to reaching their goal. Later, they realized that Fisk was planning behind their back for them to die.

The very first plan involved sending his new Thunderbolts to Ravencroft Institute. Director Norman Osborn, who has created a plan to strike back against the Symbiote God Knull. Taskmaster leads the field, Ampere and Snakehead were kill in route. At the same time, Rhino bailed entirely soon. This incident left Taskmaster with Mister Fear, Star, and Batroc the Leaper by the time team reached. Though, they picked up some new inmates to join their team facility.


King in Black: Thunderbolts writer Matthew Rosenberg sees the Thunderbolts finally understanding the full scope of Fisk and Osborn’s plan. The team is supposed to find and recover Sentry’s corpse and use it to blow up. They were supposed to blow up the nexus point of Knull’s activity in New York. Finally, they conclude that their mission has been a big suicide mission from starting.

However, the Mister Fear’s serve to be a meta-reference to DC’s suicide squad team. Though Mister Fears are not wrong. While Thunderbolts are being paid and still don’t have Bombs in the team. Afterward, Fisk promises to kill them if they will step back from the plan.

Later, Thunderbolts manages to come with a new solid plan where everyone wins and doesn’t die. By using Figment’s powers, She made it look through Sentry’s bomb off. It allows Fisk to claim to voters that he was the part of saving the world.

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Also, the Thunderbolts essentially blackmail the Fisk at the minister’s end. They promised to keep the truth hidden as long as they would get paid. These Thunderbolts look out for each other and not like DC’s own suicide squad.

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