Tidelands season 2- expected release date, story line, cast, plot and everything you need to know

TIDELANDS is now streaming on Netflix and fans of the first season are anxious to know whether Tidelands season 2 is going to happen or not.


Tidelands is the first Australian Original show from the streaming giant. Tidelands tell the narrative of Cal McTeer (played by Charlotte Best), an ex-convict who finds something exceptionally dark about her town Orphelin Bay. Fans are anxious to hear news about Tidelands season two but will there be another season.


*CAUTION! This article further contains spoilers about Tidelands.

Will there be another season of Tidelands? 

Netflix has not made any declarations about Tidelands season two. A reestablishment will largely rely upon the review figures and evaluations which Netflix doesn’t make open.

Tidelands have gotten normal reviews from the critics yet on the off chance that the show finds a group of people in Australia, it will mean fans of the show worldwide will be blessed to receive a season 2. Luke Buckmaster from The Guardian rewarded Tidelands two stars out of five and called it “pretty but vacuous.”

The Review Geek gave Tidelands 4/10 and stated: “With an extremely good looking cast, Tidelands feels like a distracting show, throwing nudity in with the mix to hide the questionable scripting and acting prowess on offer.”


What will occur in Tidelands season 2? 

Tidelands tell the story of Orphelin Bay, which has been infiltrated by Tidelanders, a gathering of dangerous individuals who are half-sirens and half-human.

A siren is a perilous creature from Greek mythology, which was known for tricking mariners to a wreck with music and performing voices. Tidelands season two will get up from the bloody season one finale. In the show’s 36-minute finale, there were on normal around five deaths, a couple of the key characters.

It looks Cal McTeer could wind up totally alone after her sibling Augie (Aaron Jakubenko) and love interest Dylan (Marco Pigossi) were harmed by Adrielle (Elsa Pataky).

Augie was executed by Adrielle and Augie by Stolin (Jacek Koman). It was likewise uncovered that Cal is part-siren and part-human and can be the new queen of the Tidelanders in the event that she crushes Adrielle.

And in the end, Cal was perceived by the sirens and they went to the seashore to collect her after defeating Adrielle.

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