TNT’s Animal Kingdom will begin shooting Season 5 from next week

Animal Kingdom Season 5: A family drama by the name of Animal Kingdom is set to make a release yet again. This family crime drama is created by TNT and produced by David Michod. An Australian movie with the same name and concept was released in 2010. The fifth season in the series will commence its filming soon. Keep reading to find out the latest updates about the Animal Kingdom.


Animal Kingdom Storyline and Plot So Far

The series revolves around a teenage boy who is now an orphan. He is forced to live with his relatives now that his parents have died. In his new household, he is supposed to follow the rules of Smurf. Smurf is not only the matriarch of the family but also a criminal.


The four seasons released so far by the creators have been well received by the fans so it is safe to say that their viewers and fans are looking forward to the release of the fifth season. It was in July last year that TNT announced that the series will be having a fifth season.

Animal Kingdom Season 5

Animal Kingdom Season 5 Date of Release

As stated before, TNT announced that they will be coming out with the fifth season of this family drama series. However, there is no official date of release for the fifth season as of yet. Looking back at the pattern of release dates of the Animal Kingdom show, we can expect the next season in May 2021.

But, we know that due to the coronavirus pandemic, all filming schedules have been postponed. This means that the fans will have to wait for a little while for any official updates on the series. We can expect to see the previous cast members make a reappearance. Ellen Barkin, Scott Speedman, Finn Cole, and Jake Weary will come back for the fifth season as well.


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