Tom O’Connor Dead: British Comedian and Actor passes away

Tom O'Connor

The world of art, comedy, acting weeps today as it has lost one of its jewels, Tom O’Connor. The news has just been revealed. Read to find out more about his death.


The news of his death has been passed down the wire. It was said that the legendary comic who had also been a TV show host in the UK for a lot of decades has died in a hospital in Buckinghamshire. He died at the age of 81. The reasons that have been cited for his death has been Parkinson’s disease.


After news of his death had gone out, his son Steve O’Connor was approached for a statement. He had nothing but respect and praises for his dad. He said that he was generations away from any comic and could look farther beyond political correctness. Then, went on to add his comedy was not dirty and could be watched by anyone and especially was very family friendly.

Tom O’Connor: Death of a legend

It is time we talk about this one legend of a person. He was born in Bootle, Merseyside. Tom began his career as a singer. After his foray into singing, he started to include comedy into his act. This got him a lot of attention with the TV scouts. Hence, this popularity helped him earn his way into some of the famous shows such as The Zodiac Game and Pick Pockets.

He has been famous for hosting a slew of TV shows such as the Tom O’Connor show, Crosswits and Name that Tune. Note that this is not an exhaustive list of shows that he has hosted.

But, as we said, his talent went beyond hosting TV shows. He had also acted in several shows one of whom was Doctors, in which he played the role of Father Tom.

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