Tony Hawk documentary: All you need to know

Tony Hawk

Tony Hawk is one of the most known personalities of all time. If you are someone who is into skating, then you must have heard his name. It seems that he will be the subject of a new documentary which is going to be produced by the Duplass brothers. Hence, in this article, let us try to find out about this new film.


This documentary will be feature length and will have Tony Hawk as its subject. It will be directed by Sam Jones. If you do not remember his name, let us tell you about some of his work. Previously, he has made movies such as I Am Trying to Break Your Heart, Lost Songs: The Basement Tapes Continued. These movies are also produced by the Duplass brothers. So, you must be wondering – how did this project come to be? Well, let us try to find out the same.


Tony Hawk documentary: What the brothers had to say

“We’ve been quietly working on this one for a few years, […] We are floored with the unmitigated access Tony has allowed us to his life and his fascinating relationship to the sport.” This is the statement given by Mark Duplass, one of the producers.

Sam Jones also ended up commenting on the same. He clarified that he has been a skater his whole life. Therefore, this is somewhat of a passion project for him. Moreover, he ended up saying that he is excited to find a good home for this project. Some of you may not know this but Jones had previously interviewed Tony Hawk for his interview series Off Camera.

Variety ended up interviewing Tony who said, “We have already shot everything for it, it’s just in the editing process. I definitely wanted to give them as much footage and interview as possible.”.