TOP 10 best documentaries on netflix as of 2020


The best part of documentaries is that it connects all of us. We connect ourselves and our lives to the documentaries that we see on Netflix. Some documentaries inspire us and others engage us so much that we are captivated by the documentary we are watching!


So, if you love watching documentaries or are planning to watch documentaries, here is an article for you look at some documentaries on Netflix


TOP 10 Documentaries on Netflix as of 2020-

Unsolved Mysteries


This series uses re-enactments and interviews to tell the circumstances of mysteries that are unsolved.

It covers tales of crimes, lost love, unexplained history, and even paranormal events in some episodes.

Perfect for mystery and thrill lovers, this combines everything a mystery-loving person would like to binge-watch. Currently, it has only one volume released, but the good news that a new volume is coming up soon in October.


I am a Killer: Released


This series tells the story of a convict who is released from prison 30 years after being sentenced to death for a crime (murder).

It is a crime documentary that tells the stories of prisoners who are awaiting their fate on death row.

So, if you like real and true crime, then this series is definitely for you.


The Disappearance of Madeleine McCann


This series covers the disappearance of a 3-year old Madeleine McCann.

She went missing while on a vacation in Portugal with her family. Unfortunately, McCann was never found which prompts an onslaught of theories targeting everyone in the area.

A must watch if you love thrills.


Evil Genius


This series tells about the completely insane story about what happened back in the year 2003.

EVIL genius is the four-part documentary that unwraps all the mystery behind the murder of Brian Wells.

It also includes the string of events that led him to become involved in a deadly Pennsylvania bank robbery.


The Death and Life of Marsha P. Johnson


Marsha P Johnson was a New York City fixture whose life was cut tragically short in the year 1992 as her body was discovered in the Hudson River.

Police deemed her death a suicide but this documentary argues otherwise.

It follows Anti -Violence Project activist Victoria Cruz.

Jim and Andy: The Great Beyond

Directed by Chris Smith, it is a Behind the Scenes look at Milos Forman’s biopic, Man on the Moon. Jim Carrey won a Golden Globe award for playing celebrated entertainer Andy Kaufman.

This documentary briefs about Carrey’s process. It includes difficult methods of acting effort to capture Kaufman’s spirit showing his performance.

The Pixar Story


With the release of the Toy Story, Pixar changed the animated movies forever. It rushed into a new generation of family films that are fun for kids and attractive for adults too.

This documentary offers a look at the team of designers and creatives who made it possible to happen.

They will love me when I’m Dead


Famed director Orson Welles changed the cinemas forever with his career. But his last film remained unfinished and unseen for decades. It is a behind the scenes documentary of one of the most infamous movies in film history.



Director Bryan Fogel intended to experiment with doping in order to win a cycling competition Only his investigations into the practice opened up a more sinister scandal in this Oscar-winning document.

Period. End of Sentence


This is an award-winning 2018 short film, a group of women from India fight the stigma against menstruation and triumph making low-cost sanitary pads.

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