Top 10 best movies with unexpected and mind-blowing endings.


10 best movies with unexpected and mind-blowing endings: The movies we watch often leave an imprint on our minds and heart for days. The story boggles with our mind and we stay engaged in it. Finance Rewind has managed to collect the best movies with surprising endings and jaw-dropping storylines. Also, to give you a red alert before it may contain major spoilers but also won’t leave your skull until you go watch 10 best movies.


Scream (1996)


It a teen horror movie where after the murder of her mother a teenage girl is put to target and all her friends are being killed and it is getting difficult to survive. Grit your teeth and watch now to know more.

The Sixth Sense (1999)

This movie will for sure blow your mind off. The child of a psychologist can speak to the departed spirits and he claims to be talking to one of his father’s patients.

P.S. I love you (2007)

Holly who has a breakdown after the death of her husband later realizes her beloved has left her letters to open till her life gets back onto the right path. I bet you cannot watch the movie without shedding a tear.

500 days of summer (2009)

After Tom tries his level best to woo Summer and make her fall for him he realizes that she’s not the one for him and finds his love in someone else which breaks the heart of the viewers.

Shutter Island (2010)

Shutter Island is an American neo-noir psychological thriller film whose end is really ambiguous and left the fans in awe of Leonardo DiCaprio himself being a patient when he wakes up to reality.

Side Effects (2013)


The main character Emily is mentally disturbed to such an extent that she even tried to commit suicide after her husband returned from prison. She was onto some

prescribed medicines everything was on track until the drugs started showing side effects and Emily started doing weird things. The movie will keep you tense throughout the course.

Interstellar  (2014)

It is an epic science fiction movie set in a time period where humanity struggles to make its way and a group of scientists travel to Saturn in search of a home for mankind but end up with a concession to sentiment on the Planet.

The fault in our stars: (2014)

Get yourself tissues before you watch this heartbreaking movie. Two cancer survivors fall in love with each other at the support group. Their stars have definitely not been aligned as one of them has to die first but their love shall remain always until the very end.

Me before you (2016)

10 best movies

A girl working as a caretaker for a paralyzed man falls in love with him proving in love nothing matters just the pure connection of two souls. Lou chooses Will over anyone else even herself.

Five Feet Apart: (2019)

10 best movies

Another heartbreaking movie where you’ll cry your heart out because obviously separation hurts. These cystic fibrosis patients staying in the same hospital fall in love with each other and show love is all about sacrifice.

Each of these movies is worth a watch. You must watch these blockbusters without any further ado.

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