Top 10 Christopher Nolan movies that you must watch

Christopher Nolan

Christopher Nolan is the highest-grossing director in the world. And we all know why from the movie like Batman to the caption Christopher Nolan has everything in his films.


It seems like, with every film, he gets better, and if you want to explore every type of phenomenal like memory, Romance, reality, sanity to war, Christopher’s picture is something worth a watch. These are some of the factors that make him a distinguished and brilliant filmmaker.


We really can’t categorize Christopher Nolan’s movie, but here are some of Nolan’s films that you must watch.

Batman Begins

The first movie of Christopher Nolan’s Batman Trilogy. Bruce Wayne, who played Batman in this movie his story is about the initial fear of bats and the death of his parents, which tells the whole journey how we become Batman.

The Dark Knight

Well, if you want to enter the world of Christopher Nolan, this is the perfect movie with all the most incredible cast. The role of Joker is played by the great legend Heath Ledger. And you can see the alliance of Batman, James Gordon, and Harvey Dent these three and creating a better Gotham City.

The Dark Knight Rises


So when you complete the Dark Knight, you will know not to be able to control yourself to go to the other part and see The Dark Knight Rises. In this that Batman has to save the Gotham City from nuclear destruction. This is the finale of the series and it took place after 8 years.



Following is Nolan’s first-ever feature film, and it tells a story of a young man who follows a guy in London and enters into a criminal world. As the guy was unable to keep his distance from the guy, he enters into the underground world.

The Prestige


In creating the best stage illusion to Rival magician to engage in competitive one-upmanship. And the result of this is tragic.



The story of Dunkirk is based on the real-life situation in World War II in Dunkirk and this movie is the best movie by Christopher Nolan as per critics.


This movie is about a young man who is suffering from short term memory loss. And by the tattoos and notes, he reaches to the guy who killed his wife.


Christopher Nolan

Well, this is the kind of movie no one has ever dreamt of. You can see Leonardo DiCaprio in this movie takes you to Peoples’ dream by the advanced technology. This movie is something that you will dream about.


Christopher Nolan

This movie is based on the dystopian future where humans are struggling to survive, and few astronauts travel through a warm hole to find a new home for humanity, which is not able to survive. Interstellar is really out of the world movie.


Christopher Nolan

Fans off detectives, Insomnia is something that you must watch. And these two guys who are detectives in Los Angeles investigating a murder in Alaska. In this movie, you can see Al Pacino and Robin Williams.

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