Top 10 DC Couples From Movies & TV Shows

We have seen countless characters from the DC Universe. It forms one of the most famous cinematic universes of all time. Though we examine the characters individually, we rarely get the opportunity to look at the couples. So, let us look at the Top 10 couples.


Raven and Beast Boys

We can catch a glimpse of the couple from the Titans show. The two saved each other time and again and appear great together.


Kid Flash and Artemis

Kid Flash at the first has a crush on Miss Martian. But this does not go along for a long period of time and he soon develops feelings of Artemis.

Dick Grayson and Starfire

Batman’s sidekick has been many number of relationships throughout the years but the one which has caught our eyes is with Starfire. Probably, its because of the show called Teen Titans.

Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak

This relationship has been one of the strongest ones and takes a different take than in the comic books. But, he also proposes to Felicity a number of times.

Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy

Harley Quinn realises that her relationship with Joker has been a toxic one. We see Ivy and Harley sleeping together.

Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle

In this version of Batman, the death of Wayne’s parents is witnessed by Selina Kyle. Both of them have an on and off relationship every now and then.

Aquaman and Mera

Mera was raised in Atlantis and was the daughter of King Nereus. Arthur becomes the King of Atlantis and they share a kiss between them. This is one of the famous DC couples.

Barry Allen and Iris West-Allen

The Flash has a direct adaptation of the comic book relationship. Hence, the show also has the same relationship between these two.

Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor

This is the first man that Wonder Woman ever sees. He had floated to Amazon as he was battling in WWI.

Superman and Lois Lane

The relationship between Henry Cavill and Amy Adams is probably the best depicted in the entire history of Superman. This is the best DC couple.

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