Top 10 Death Note Moments That Gave Us Chills

Death note

Death Note As with any anime establishment, Death Note adequate itself, and it has a few or maybe conventional scenes or even amusing ones to adjust out the dark and scary ones. But when this anime is on full steam, some genuinely terrifying things will take place, and the profundities of human brutality will be put on full show.


Death Note


In the following article we’ll see the top ten scariest and dark moments from Death Note :

10) Misa and Higuchi

A scene can be unpleasant in unpretentious ways, and when a memory-wiped Misa started getting closer to Kyosuke Higuchi to examine him, we discover out how detestable this Yotsuba employee can be. No-one passes on or gets harmed in scenes like this, but at that point once more.

9) Light’s manipulative hug

Within the horrid world of Death Note, even a guiltless hug is really a monster in the mask! Misa tracks down Light’s address and character, and she welcomes herself into his domestic to meet her legend. She’s distressed when Light is cold to her and isn’t quite the one she was trusting for.

8) Misa

Before Misa completely shows up on the screen, she plies Sakura TV to call out to the genuine Kira, and this young lady won’t put up with police obstructions. She goes towards Sakura TV’s studio, and when the innocent constable Ukita approaches, Misa murders him in cold blood.

7) Light’s memories

When Higuchi is seized, Light gets his hands on the notebook and immediately returns to his ice-cold, merciless persona right there following to L. At once, he murders Higuchi with a scrap of notebook paper in his observe, and after that looks at L, savoring the thought of murdering him at final.

6) Gunshot

Mr. Yagami drives his child and Misa to a made-up killing location, but he stops midway and pulls a weapon on them! He coldly announces that he will shoot Light right there, and take his possess life to elude the blame. It’s as it were an act, but Soichiro does it well, and the lighting and Soichiro’s confront truly offer it.

5) Sayu Yagami kidnap

The plot of Death Note’s moment bend dispatches with the seizing of Sayu Yagami, and Mello is decided to induce that notebook. To this conclusion, he calls the new L’s headquarters, and over the phone, he clarifies the circumstance and requests the note pad.

4) Light’s Mental Breakdown

Light is left out, and he endures a mental break. Rather than falling separated, even though. He breaks into wild laughter and happily announces himself as Kira. The looks on everybody else’s faces appear what they truly think of him. And Near isn’t awed when Light tries to legitimize his Kira career.

3) Naomi Misora

After a wrong begin, Light learns Naomi’s genuine name and writes it down. At the final minute, Light announces himself as Kira fair for fun. And Naomi, bound by the note pad, meanders off to end her life by obscure implies. We finally see her striding absent within the cold, headed right for obscurity.

2) Kira’s Idea did not die

We discover out that the idea of Kira did not pass on with Light. Incalculable white-robed worshipers are in a candlelit parade over a few mountains. And they are until the end of time loyal to Kira and everything he stood for. A mysterious young lady implores the sky in Kira’s memory and calls him their savor. Individuals die… but ideas do not.

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1) Ryuk

Light is powerless when Ryuk writes his name into a notepad, and Light’s fate is guaranteed. Ryuk, who observes Light be cornered as Kira, chooses that it’s enough. Like Light, this creature, at last, stirs from its sleep and appears in its full control. Ryuk has served as a direct, comedian help, and indeed an aide until now, but he never halted being a death god.

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