Top 10 Fights in Naruto Not Featuring Naruto


Naruto is one of the most popular anime of all time. The show started airing in 2002 and did not stop until 2017. Naruto is about an orphan who has a demon fox spirit sealed inside him.




His journey begins with an aching feeling of loneliness and the dream of becoming the Top authority in the village. Naruto struggles at being a good ninja. This is the anime that is carried by its character strength and purity. While Naruto is the star of the show, not all fights have him playing around. Here, we will be listing 10 great fights where Naruto is not involved.

10 Great Fights of Naruto:

  1. Might Guy Vs Madara: The very first and most famous fight, we have is Might Guy Vs Madara. It is the most fascinating fight in the history of Naruto.

2. Jiraiya Vs Pain

Jiraiya was the most loved Sannin and the famous Hermit Toad Sage of Mount Miyoboku. The last three formed the Akatsuki and they were responsible for Jiraiya’s death. This is one of the most painful and sad deaths in the history of anime.

3. Sasuke Vs Itachi

This was the designed fight between two brothers Sasuke and Itachi. Sasuke was finally able to fight Itachi with all he ever had. We got to see a great Uchiha Jutsu show as the two unleased their best at each other.

4. Obito Vs Kakashi

This fight holds a lot of emotional value in the whole series. Obito thought to be long dead but his appearance shook everyone in the end. He was finally revealed and out in the open. He was let down by Kakashi who couldn’t protect Rin. For this, Kakashi feels a lot of guilt.

5. Team 10 Vs Hidan and Kakuzu

This is one of those fights which slowly started introducing us to actual character losses in the series. After being confronted by Hidan and Kakuzu, Also, team 10 quickly jumped into battle mode. The only exception here was, Choji and Ino were with different units.

More Fighty-Fights

6. Sakura and Lady Chio Vs Sasori

Sasori was an esteemed and notorious member of the terrorist organization. He was famous for being able to handle a hundred murderous puppets at once. During the fights, Lady Chio resolves to attack her puppet string to Sakura and her as the puppet.

In the end, after nearly dying multiple times, both emerged victoriously and managed to get a great lead out of a dying Sasori.

7. Hashirama Vs Madara

Hashirama and Madara were two people who did not need any armies to battle. They were strong enough to take down entire enemies alone. And this made them a perfect match for one another.

8. Minato Vs Madara/Obito

This fights scars Naruto’s life permanently. As it happened during the birth of Naruto.

9. Hiruzen Vs Orochimaru

This one was the best fight from the initial arc of Naruto.

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10. Rock Lee Vs Gaara

This one is must mention. Rock Lee fights Gaara was incredibly glorious. Everyone underestimated Lee for his dorky behavior and looks. This fight is one of the greatest in the show and had to be mentioned.

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