Top 10 horror movies that won’t let you sleep at night!

No one wants to watch conjuring again and again because we cannot find any other good horror movie. We all love a good scare and as the horror genre in movies is getting more and more popular here is a list of ten movies that will not let you sleep at night.

  1. House of 1000 corpses:



This horror movie was released seventeen years ago in 2003,  but technically saying it was ahead of its time. Rob Zombies’s first dark comedy movie will not fail to give you the chills. When two amateur criminals are killed the movie gets entertaining and is definitely worth watching.

2. Us:

This American horror movie directed by Jordan Peele was released last year in 2019. The plot revolves around the story of a woman, Adelaide played by Lupita Nyongo whose family is getting attacked by creepy doppelgangers. You will not be able to sleep alone after watching this.

3. Hell House LLC:

This American horror movie written by Stephen Cognetti was released five years ago in 2015. Although there are two sequels of this horror movie which is shot like a documentary, this is the scariest.

4. The Orphanage:

This fantasy horror movie has some scenes which will give you goosebumps for sure. A woman’s son befriends an invisible boy when she moves to her childhood home which used to be an orphanage. Make sure to watch this with somebody and not alone.

5. The Fourth Kind:


This is not a general ghost-horror movies. This American psychological thrilling movie is a science fiction that will surely keep you hooked. It released back in 2009, but it is so scary and well directed that you will keep watching it again and again.

6. Sinister:

Directed by Scott Derrickson this 2012 movie is also considered as a modern horror movie. A writer who writes about real-life crimes gets into a lot of trouble when he decides to gather evidence for a horrific crime.

7. The woman in black:


Arthur a lawyer is mourning over the loss of her wife who died while delivering their child. As he travels in a deserted village he is haunted by a woman in black. This will give you some real scares.

8. Paranormal Activity:

This movie released in 2007. Although the whole movie happens in a single room, you will find a well-written story so scary that you will feel scared to spend time in your room alone.

9. Scream:


This movie is old but gold. Released way back in 1996 this movies is not only a horror movie it has suspense too.

10. Drag me to hell:


This movie is both horror and thrilling. An officer who provides loans to people tries to save the soul of an old woman from a demonic curse. This will give you goosebumps.


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