Top 10 Muscular Buff Anime Girls

In the following piece, we shall be telling you about Top 10 Muscular Buff Anime Girls. Let us take a look at this list.



We have to say if you’re someone who is looking to get fit, you should probably hire Nikuma as your trainer. She is one buffed anime girl.



Kale from Dragon Ball Z appears to be timid, but when she acts on her muscles she can break bones if she wants to.

Sakura Ogami

If you’re stuck in a battle for your life, you do not want to be faced against her. She is also a buffed up.

Biscuit Krueger

She looks like someone cute and very girly. But when we see the real physique behind her, we are left surprised.

Zorin Blitz

Zorin has menacing tatoos all over her body. Plus, if you look at the dominant side of her face, you ought to be scared. Moreover, you’ll be scared before she decides to take your life.


Yukin is not only a buffed up anime girl. She is an engineering whose attitude is something that can inspire people. All of her duties are performed with utmost diligence.

Michelle K. Davis

In the show, the rogue humanoid cockroaches have become a menace to society. But it does not seem to bother her. She is amazing advocate of the human body.

Mikasa Ackerman

The abilities Mikasa can never be overstated. She is a buffed anime girl. Mikasa is an amazing opponent and thus, she is known in the entire anime world.

Sofia Velmer

The skills of Sofia in a swimsuit was the first time when the show actually serviced the expectations of the fans. She has a ripped body and is one of the best buff anime girls.


Matrona is one proud giantess. She has an amazing body and shows off great skills. No doubt, she is the best buff anime girl.

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