Top 10 Spine Chilling Horror Movies To Watch On Netflix!

Top 10 Spine Chilling Horror Movies: The horror movie is something that one either loves or avoids it all. But when it comes to those who love watching horror movies, then they can find Netflix as the best platform for it as it holds a variety of horror movies to watch Let’s check out the 10 best horror movies available on Netflix below.



1922 is based on Stephen King Novel Full Dark, No Stars. It’s not totally based on the novel but only adapted from a short story of it. The film centers around Wilf who persuades his son to kill his mother to stop her from selling out the land, But despite all the efforts, he was haunted by her dead wife making his life scary and hell



The Ring

The ring was based on the novel Spiral, which was written by Koji Suzuki. It was released in the year 2017. The ring follows Rachel Keller who is a journalist. She was upon finding the truth behind the videotape. The story of the videotape is that whoever watches it get a call and 7 days to be alive. Several teenagers one including her cousin had been already died because of it.


Candyman 1992 was again revived for a sequel in 2020 and was expected to be released on June 12, 2020, but due to the pandemic got delayed. The film Candyman (1992) is about a student Helen Lyle who wanted to prepare a thesis on local people’s myths got to know about Candyman whose name when uttered 5 times, made him appear and kill the person. The role of Candyman was portrayed by Tony Todd

Creep- Part 1 & 2

Creep was all about an aspiring videographer who gets to see an ad of a man who was about to die and was requesting a videographer to record his video for his unborn child. Accepting the offer of the job takes a toll on his life when he started seeing unusual things going on with him. Another part of the movie was released in 2017

The Evil Dead

5 students went on spending vacation finds a book with its audiotape after listening to which the evil appears and kills every one of them except one who still fought with the evil ghost. The movie was directed by Sam Raimi and was revived for a second part.


It is a story of a family who discovers several paranormal past elements to save his son who was in a coma after a strange incident.

The Invitation

The story begins when Will was invited for a dinner party by her ex-wife and her second husband creates a matter of suspect in Will’s mind about his ex-wife and her friend’s mysterious intention.


The story revolves around Ellison Oswalt, who is a writer. He moves in with his family to a mysterious house where once a crime has been done whose details he wanted to acquire for his writings but eventually keeping his life  jeopardized

The Witch

The story takes place in England in the 17th century, where a family was expelled due to their strange beliefs, But soon haunted one by one by a witch of the local forest and then suspects one of their daughter of practicing the witchcraft.


Story of two siblings who run fake exorcism were hired to investigate the haunted homes once went on to an old house which and unrevealed the horrifying past and also put their life on risk.

So if you are a horror movie lover, Do watch these films on Netflix for sure.


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