Totally Under control: Everything to know about the documentary from Alex Gibney

Totally Under control documentary

The documentary film, Totally under control is all ready to release. The film has been directed and produced by the sixty six year old Alex Gibney who is American documentary film director and producer. Along with him two other people are also involved in directing and producing the film. They are Ophelia Harutyunya and Suzanne Hillinger.


The film will be totally worth watching, as it will reveal the hideous truths about the government of USA. One of the person who got interviewed for it said that they knew what could have been done to avoid infection to more people, but the government did not let them do so.


The director and producer, Alex Gibney has also written the documentary film.


The documentary will release in this month only, that is in October. The date which has been confirmed for the same is thirteen October. This was announced by the American production company which is also a distributor, Neon.

Totally Under control
Totally Under control


The documentary will feature a very recent and ongoing storyline. That is how the president of United States of America, Donald Trump responded to the situation of coronavirus pandemic and lockdowns.

The production company, Neon got right to distribute the film in the previous month, that is in September.


The trailer of the film written by Oscar winning filmmaker, Gibney has been released already. You can check it out the official channel of YouTube. for filming the documentary interviews of medical experts were taken, but this was done secretly.

The film will aim to tell what did the administration under Trump did wrong during this situation and will reveal some truths. the documentary will release on various digital platforms. These platforms include, Apple TV+, amazon and google play. On Hulu the documentary will release a week later, that is on twenty October.


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