Train To Busan: Peninsula: Expected release date, Cast, Plot, and much more!

Train To Busan release

Train to Busan: Peninsula – In 2016, a South Korean zombie movie was released. The movie received overwhelming praise from the critics. Not only this, but the movie was also such a massive hit that it became the first movie to have the highest single-day gross.


Because the movie was such a hit, fans were looking forward to its sequel. So here are all recent updates about the upcoming movie Train to Busan: Peninsula. Further in the article, you will find all information regarding the release date, cast, plot of one of the most awaited movies.


Release Date 

The director of the movie is Yeon Sang-Ho. Last year in December, he made a statement regarding the release of the movie in August 2020. However due to covid pandemic, the release date of Train To Busan is pushed further.


The trailer of Train To Busan: Peninsula

Undoubtedly, the trailer for Train To Busan has been already released. Though much can’t be made out from the trailer, however, it seems that the upcoming movie will have more horror scenes. So the upcoming movie is expected to be more intriguing.

The cast 

Surely, Train to Busan: Peninsula is not a direct sequel to the first movie that was released in 2016. We won’t see many stars in the upcoming movie. However, there were rumors that Gong Yoo San Marino voetbal will play a cameo on Train To Busan. The lead role will be played by Gang Dong-Won as Jung Suk. Jung Suk is a soldier who is sent to fight against the zombies in South Korea. 

Another featured cast of Train to Busan: Peninsula includes Lee Jung Hyun as Min Jung, Kwon Hae Hyo as Kim Noh, Lee Ke and Lee Ye-Won.


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