‘TREASURE’ Members Profile : Everything You Need To Know !

‘TREASURE’ Members Profile : The K-pop industry has been getting numerous new abilities consistently. As of late, another kid bunch has become known for their astounding exhibition and music. The ‘Fortune’ is a South Korean teeny-bopper group shaped in 2020 by YG Entertainment. It is a twelve-part band, and every part was picked through the endurance show YG Entertainment box. The show broadcasted in 2018. A portion of the individuals from the gathering have been dynamic in the music business since youth. Nonetheless, every part set their foot in the business at an alternate time. Besides, every ‘Fortune’ part profile will give you a superior understanding into the craftsman’s profession.


Junkyu, Ye-dam, and Jung-hwan were the initial ones to be engaged with business recording and acting. Initially, ‘Fortune’ was a thirteen-part band and was called ‘Fortune 13’. Notwithstanding, after the takeoff of Yoon-canister from the gathering, a significant choice was taken by the mark. The YG Entertainment consolidated the two kid gatherings and named them ‘Fortune’. They turned into the very first kid gathering to be shaped by the mark in 2015. At long last, the kid bunch was once again introduced in 2020 to the fans as an authority K-pop gathering that will focus on the worldwide market.


Choi Hyunsuk

The K-pop craftsman Choi Hyunsuk is the pioneer, primary rapper, and artist of the ‘Fortune’ kid bunch. Likewise, his English name is Daniel Choi. He was brought into the world on 21st April 1999 in Daegu, South Korea. He has been dynamic in the music business starting around 2018 and is endorsed under the YG Entertainment mark. Other than being a K-pop icon, Choi Hyunsuk has likewise showed up in numerous TV programs and web series. In 2017, he was important for the unscripted TV drama ‘Blend Nine,’ which was created by JTBC. At last, he partook in the ‘YG Treasure Box’ endurance show in 2018. This is the explanation we are seeing him among the ‘Fortune’ individuals profile.


Jihoon is the co-pioneer, artist, and lead performer of the ‘Fortune’ kid bunch. His ‘Fortune’ individuals profile peruses that he was brought into the world on fourteenth March 2000. Likewise, his origin is Busan, South Korea. Prior to joining the kid bunch, Jihoon prepared for quite some time in 2020. Also, the symbol has a more seasoned sibling who he has great relations with. Besides, he learned at the Natraja Academy and was casted a ballot the most encouraging diversion star.


Brought into the world on fifteenth May 2000, Yoshi is the artist and rapper of the ‘Fortune’ kid bunch. His Korean name is Kim Bangjeon, though his English name is Jaden. Not at all like the head of the gathering, Yoshi’s ethnicity is Japanese. Along these lines, it isn’t is actually to be expected for realize that his original name is Kanemoto Yoshinori. The otakus, who are likewise K-pop fans, will be astonished to realize that Yoshi’s leisure activities incorporate spray painting, skating, and watching anime.

One of the extra gifts of the rapper is that he can beatbox. He has a splendid and chatty character. Likewise, he gets a kick out of the chance to make and compose tunes.

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The fourth individual from the ‘Fortune’ teen pop band is Junkyu. His ‘Fortune’ individuals profile is the most intriguing as he has a special character. The K-pop symbol Junkyu was brought into the world on ninth September 2000. Likewise, he used to live in North Chungcheong territory with his folks when he was a youngster.

He is one of the most dedicated individuals from the gathering and has been given the epithet Koala. Besides, his fans gave him this name since they believe that he seems to be a Koala when he grins. He involves Junkyu as his stage name, and his genuine name is Kim Jun Kyu.


The K-pop symbol Mashiho has a Japanese Nationality, and his original name is Takata Mashiho. He was brought into the world on 25th March 2001 and got into the amusement field early. Like Junkyu, Mashiho additionally prepared for a considerable length of time. Besides, the icon is extremely unobtrusive and has the place of the fundamental artist and visual of the gathering.

Other than being a K-pop icon, Mashiho has likewise acted in the short film by AKMU. He assumed the part of a server. Besides, his fans could jump at the chance to realize that Mashiho is a canine sweetheart. His canine’s name is Kotetsu.

Yoon Jaehyuk

He is the main ‘Fortune’ part who utilizes his original name as his stage name. He was brought into the world on 23rd July 2001 in Yongin, South Korea. Additionally, he is the rapper and entertainer of the gathering. He is exceptionally lively and devilish and has affirmed that his #1 variety is dark.

Very much like the wide range of various ‘Fortune’ individuals, Jaehyuk additionally has an English name, Kevin. He endorsed under the YG mark. Also, he prepared for a long time prior to entering the YG rivalry. This was the beginning of his excursion of joining the ‘Fortune’ teeny-bopper group. Moreover, he chose to turn into a vocalist since he needed to show everybody his moving and singing abilities.


Asahi is the singer and visual of the ‘Fortune’ kid bunch. He prepared for a long time before authoritatively making a presentation. Besides, he has forever been into music. He showed himself songwriting and music piece. Moreover, this symbol is to some degree a darling too.

Other than making music, his side interests incorporate soccer and football. Having a Japanese Nationality can assist you with valuing the initially determined food. Asahi like Ramen and Sushi. His English name is Arthur, and he lives with the saying to make great music, have a decent demeanor, and forever be feeling great.

Bang Yedam

The fundamental entertainer Bang Yedam of the ‘Fortune’ kid bunch, is 20 years of age. His birthday is praised on seventh May 2002. His Nationality is Korean, and he was brought into the world in the Mapo area in Seoul, South Korea. He is the lone kid, yet he deals with his gathering individuals like family. Additionally, he is given the epithet Dami and Yedami.

This name is short for the name Bang Yedami. As the two his folks, Bang Daesik and Jeong Miyeong, are artists, Yedami likewise fostered an interest in singing. Moreover, he believes Doyoung to be his best accomplice, and they make melodies together.


Discussing Doyoung, here is another ‘Fortune’ individuals profile that you may be keen on. His epithet is Dobi, and he is very adorable. Like Yedam, he is additionally great at forming music. Additionally, the symbol is exceptionally athletic, and his leisure activities incorporate skating, swimming, and ball.

‘TREASURE’ Members Profile

Also, he is dearest companions with Dohwan. Prior to joining the gathering, he prepared for quite a long time. Assuming that you hear this icon’s adage, you will be propelled throughout everyday life. Doyoung’s witticism is that difficulties don’t have an end. His words propel himself, as well as everybody, to work harder.


The icon of Japanese Nationality, Haruto, is an astonishing rapper and has the place of the fundamental rapper and visual of the gathering. He was brought into the world in Fukuoka, Japan. Likewise, his family is exceptionally affected by American culture. His mom honestly loves the American logical parody series ‘BigBang’. Besides, she has a ton of product for the show. His English name is Travis.

‘TREASURE’ Members Profile

Additionally, YG’s ‘Fortune’ kid gathering’s most memorable part was declared was Haruto. He is a diligent and kind individual. Haruto coexists with everybody in the gathering and offers a room with his kindred part Junkyu. He has been dynamic in the business starting around 2020.

Park Jeong-woo

The symbol Park Jeong-charm is the second most youthful recall of the ‘Fortune’ teeny-bopper group. He was brought into the world on 28th September 2004. He has a Korean beginning and was brought into the world in Iksan, South Korea. Likewise, he is exceptionally focused and persevering as he never missed a day of preparing.

‘TREASURE’ Members Profile

Additionally, he has the best style sense among all the ‘Fortune’ individuals profile, and he like music, garments, and food. In his presentation video, Jeong-charm played out the tune ‘When I Was Your Man’. Besides, he knows Junghwan very well as the two of them come from a similar dance foundation in Iksan.

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So Junghwan

The most youthful individual from the ‘Fortune’ kid bunch, So Junghwan, is the entertainer of the gathering. He was brought into the world on eighteenth February 2005. The symbol turned 17 this year. Junghwan prepared for very nearly three years prior to appearing with his gathering.

‘TREASURE’ Members Profile

Additionally, he has many intriguing abilities, similar to he can do aerialists. He is given the moniker Sloth, and his closest companion is Inhoung. Other than singing, Junghwan represents considerable authority in Taekwondo and moving. For the initial video, Junghwon played out the melody, ‘General store Flowers’.