Trinkets Season 2: All Details Including Cast, Plot, Trailer and Release Date

Ending of Trinkets season, 1 left the view was in excitement for season 2. Will there be another season of Trinkets? Let’s find out!


Netflix has released season 1 of 2 trinkets, but there are chances that Netflix will soon release season 2 of the show. The season one left the view was in the desperation of another season.


The first season of the Trinkets was released in June 2019 and with ten episodes. Is Netflix release another season in another year so there is a possibility that in 2020 season 2 will come.

The show is based on Kristen Smith’s novel Trinkets. The hit TV drama show is about the friendship of three teenage girls Elodie, Moe, and Tabitha. The three Bond together because of their mutual interest in shoplifting.

In the last 10th episode of Twinkle season, 1 three of the girl escape from stealing Brady’s prized car and successfully moving on with their lives. Well, they run away from stealing, but they can’t run away from the crime and the darker side they are going to face after stealing.


Trinkets Season 2 Release Date

The trailer of trinket season 2 has been released, and there will be ten episodes as per the sources, and it will be premiered on 25th August 2020 on Netflix.

Plot for Trinkets season 2

Show the ticket season 2 will be arriving on 25th August; the cast will be the same as in season 1. Season one of the show ended in such a way that everyone wants to see another season of it. Moe never shoplifted anything has stolen an alcohol bottle from a store because of the result, and the other two were busy with their love interests. And in the end, feel there was a voice of police siren.

So season 2 will be bumpy for the three friends because of the shoplifting habit and also be telling about the toxic relationship they are having.

If you still haven’t watched season 1, you can go on Netflix and binge-watch the ten episodes of trinkets.


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