TV actor Samay Shah attacked by goons

Samay Shah attacked by goons

Tarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmaha actor Samay Shah said that he was attacked by goons earlier this week. He was attacked outside his Mumbai apartment complex.


TV actor Samay Shah attacked by goons

Samay Shah has filed a police complaint after being mugged in his apartment complex. Samay Shah played the role of Gogi in Tarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah. Furthermore, his mother revealed that they have experienced this earlier also. 


The incident happened on 27 October outside his Borivali residence. The TV actor shared a screengrab of CCTV footage on his Instagram page along with a message. He wrote, “This man came into my building two days back, started abusing me for no reason. I have no idea who he is? What was the reason behind abusing me? He was also giving me the threat that I will kill you. I am giving this information to all those who love me because I think it would be better for me and my family if something happens. Thankyou”

Smay Shah

The actor said that his entire family and he is under a lot of stress and hence they have decided to seek legal help. He also stated that he has filed a police complaint this afternoon. Samy’s mother said that this wasn’t the first time. Further, in the last 15 days, it has happened for the third time. His mother also revealed that they live on the first floor and the main road faces the house. While she was at the window, she saw a guy passing by in a rickshaw. He was abusing Samy quite loudly. However, she was not able to see his face. Later, the guy entered the building premises on another day. And he started yelling. He threatened Samay to take his life. When he was asked the reason for such behaviour, he didn’t say anything and continued abusing Samay. And this was the third time he attacked Samay. 


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