Twitch Blackout- what is it and why is it trending?


Twitch – The trend of the hashtag #Twitch blackout started on 24th June when the streamers across the world asked the people to avoid the streaming service for a day.


The streamers were calling for a blackout as they thought that the streaming platforms can do more in order to recognize the victims of sexual and racial abuse.


Several women recently claimed that they were sexually abused by the people in the gaming industry.

Therefore, as a response to this situation the platform, Twitch says that they will be taking accusations of sexual harassment seriously.

Many streamers have become a part of the argument that is taking place in Twitch claiming that the platform has not responded quickly enough when there have been claims for sexual assault on some of its creators.

According to some people, the platform has shown a lot of leniency when the others have been accused of using racist or homophobic language.

Making the people to stay away from Twitch might have resulted in the decrease of viewers and income.

Therefore, the streamers thought that taking a Blackout day might lead to Twitch taking some serious steps on such situation.

When many creators started claiming about the sexual harassments that were faced by them, then Twitch responded by saying that they will be looking into such cases that are linked to the affiliated streamers. It also praised those who were able to speak out loud bravely.


However, the call for the blackout was not supported by all. There were some streamers that accused that calling for a blackout might lead to a counterproductive day. Some creators said that the campaign has been called out too quickly and that some of the streams were living a normal day.

As many streamers actually followed the blackout and are looking forward to a wider discussion which will take imported steps against the behavior of such people on Twitch and in the game industry.


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