UnWell From Netflix: Does Wellness Always Correlate With Healing? Get The Answer In The Docuseries.

UnWell From Netflix: It is a Netflix Docuseries premiered on August 12th, 2020? It focuses on unconventional ways of healing. It brings a handy approach to wellness treatments, aromatherapy, and miracle cures.


Does wellness always correlate with healing?


The following docuseries UnWell From Netflix provide us an answer to the above question. It comprises six episodes focusing on different elements/products of the industry, from aromatherapy (essential oils) and bee sting therapy to extreme fasting and tantric sex. (Un)Well also shows cautionary tales of people who have been fooled by experimental therapies and miracle cures, resulting in sickness and injury.

The (Un)Well serves an underlying issue of how people are manipulated to buy products like essential oils and other products by multinational marketing companies.
It also accuses the healthcare system, where common people are desperate to find solutions for their sickness and take control of their choices.

UnWell From Netflix

 Essential oils as a treatment for mind and body

The show promotes essential oils as a treatment for relaxation of the mind and relieving pain in the body. But, it can also lead to skin allergies.

Tantric sex to heal Trauma

It is a practice of deliberate intimate relations to forge not only physical but spiritual bonds, helps in recovering traumatic experiences. While it may also hamper systematic sexual abuse.

Breast milk for cancer patients and bodybuilders 

Breast milk can be used to boost health and muscle gain. However, it can also be dangerous if it is not shipped or stored properly and may lead to bacteria like Salmonella and e.coli.

Extreme fasting to heal chronic illness

Extreme fasting can heal chronic illness like diabetes, but it can also lead to lower blood pressure and unconsciousness.

Bee sting therapy to treat wrinkles and arthritis 

Bee sting therapy can be used to treat wrinkles and arthritis but it’s very painful and can lead to life-threatening allergic reactions.

The show (Un)Well follows the first-person narratives and provides scientific evidence, later leaving it up to the viewers to decide what they must believe and adapt.

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