Utopia Season 1: Release Date What We Know So Far

Utopia Season 1: It is inspired by a British series of the same name. The show is a conspiracy thriller full of suspense. This upcoming Amazon original has been created by Gillian Flynn.
The executive producers of the show include
Gillian Flynn, Jessica Rhoades, Dennis Kelly, Karen Wilson, Diederick Santer, and Sharon Hall.


The storyline of Utopia season 1

The show is about fans of a comic book named Utopia who met through social media. Somehow, they can comprehend the hidden meanings in the comic which direct them to the danger which is going to fall upon the world.
They all realize that this is not a mere comic but predictions of something really going to happen.
Later, the group will find ways to rescue the whole world.


Release date of Utopia season 1

The filming for the show begin during the fall of 2018 and was completed in October 2019.
The show is scheduled to release its first season on 25th September 2020.


The cast of Utopia season 1

The cast which will entertain you throughout the season includes:

Desmin Borges as Wilson Wilson
Dan Byrd as Ian
John Cusack as Dr. Kevin Christie
Christopher Denham as Arby
Sasha Lane as Jessica Hyde
Ashleigh LaThrop as Becky
Farrah Mackenzie as Alice
Jessica Rothe as Samantha
Jeanine Serralles as Colleen
Cory Michael Smith as Thomas Christie
Javon ‘Wanna’ Walton as Grant
Rainn Wilson as Michael Stearns
Bernard Gilbert as Steve Minion
Hadley Robinson as Charlotte

The trailer of Utopia season 1
Yes, a trailer has been released a few days ago and it’s already giving us chills. So, what are you waiting for? Go watch it right now to have a glimpse of what all will be there in the season.

Let’s just sit tight and stay patient for the show to release. We hope this show will be one of the best conspiracy thrillers of all time.


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