Vagabond Season 2- Will Original Characters Reprise Their Roles? Can We Expect To See Some New Faces ?

Vagabond Season 2: Vagabond is a 2019 South Korean television series. This series aired on SBS TV from September 20 to November 23, 2019, for 16 episodes. Also, it was streamed on Netflix. This Korean series is directed by Yoo In-Sik. This Korean series is a thriller series. The story of this series revolves around a plane crash that took the lives of more than a hundred people. Among the deceased was the nephew of the protagonist. To find out the truth behind the crash, Cha Dal-gun starts to investigate the case. The first season of the series was a hit and now fans are waiting for the next season of the show. Here we with all details about the upcoming season of Vagabond.




Will Original Characters Reprise Their Roles in Season 2? Or Can We Expect To See Some New Faces?

There is no news about the cast and crew of Season 2 of Vagabond. Also, there are no updates about the release of the second season by the makers. So it is a little hard to guess if there will any new face or not in the upcoming season. But it can be expected that cast of Season 1 will be back in season 2 to reprise their role.

So the cast of Season 1 will be back for second season , here are the names of them :
Lee Seung-gi as Cha Dal-gun ..Dal-gun is a stuntman whose nephew Cha Hoon was a victim of the B357 plane crash.

Bae Suzy as Go Hae-ri Hae-ri is a N.I.S. (National Intelligence Service) agent

Shin Sung-rok as Gi Tae-ung (Head of the National Intelligence Agency’s information team.)

These are the main characters. More no. of people are there in cast as supporting role.

When will Vagabond Season 2 will release?

The first season of Vagabond was released in September 2019. And it’s been several months since the release of the first season but there is no need about the second season yet. Let’s see when makers will announce details about the second season as fans are waiting eagerly for the second season.

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