Venom 2 Trailer Breakdown: All The Hidden Details

Venom 2 or as the its more appropriate title “Venom: Let there be carnage” has dropped its trailer. Fans are loving every moment of it. The first movie came out in the year 2018. Tom Hardy was the star of the movie but it did not receive much praise critically. This is because it had a shoddy story and the VFX also did not live up to its expectations. But it still made its mark in the box office.


So, here are some things in the trailer that we noticed:


Venom 2 will be set in San Francisco

The trailer of the movie starts with a panoramic shot of the Californian city over the Bay Bridge area. The previous Venom movie back in 2018 was also shot for the most part in SF and it looks like the focus of Venom 2 will also be San Francisco.

Venom 2: A Stan Lee Cameo?

The death of Stan Lee affected the generation of Marvel fans. We used to be excited about his cameos in the Marvel movies but it does not mean he can’t drop in. There is a scene where Eddie Brock enters Mr. Chen’s shop and we can see a magazine on the stand. Look closely and you’ll find image on the cover to be none other than Stan Lee.

Venom 2: Woody Harrelson as Cletus Kassady

Cletus Kassady was introduced as a convicted serial killer who is shown in prison. He is also seen requesting an interview with Venom where he wants to promise ‘carnage’ upon his release. Ring a bell?


Venom 2: Hints of Phoenix? 

As we are shown a shot of the cell of Cletus Kassady, the walls are full of various images engraved by Cassady. Most of these do not seem to mean much, except one. We can see that there is a writing on the wall, which says “The Phoenix will rise”. Maybe, it points to the Marvel lore of Phoenix, who knows?

These are only some of the noticeable things in the trailer.

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