Venom 2: Will Marvel introduce Kraven the Hunter in the upcoming Venom 2?

Marvel’s anti-hero Tom Hardy’s Venom 2( Venom: Let there be carnage) was set to hit the box office in October 2020, but this blockbuster action-packed movie remained unimmune to the global pandemic and got delayed.


Venom 2: Release Date

The release date is shifted to June 25, 2021. As the shooting for Tom Hardy’s 2nd Marvel movie was resumed in last year November and was completed by April 2020. As apart from few retakes, no delay is expected any further for the release date.


Venom 2: Will Marvel introduce Kraven the Hunter in the upcoming Venom 2? what fans should know?

The sequel of the blockbuster film ‘Venom’ is directed by Andy Serkis. Sony gave the green light to the sequel after the phenomenal success of  ‘Venom’ at the box office, which practically no one could have anticipated. Tom Hardy and the character Venom blended so smoothly to provide a splendid performance on camera.

Venom 2

Many prophecies were also doing round about the appearance of Spiderman and ‘Kraven the hunter’ since the first film. But there happened to be none in the first movie. But recently Tom Hardy dropped the teaser for ‘Venom Let there be Carnage’ on his Instagram handle but he deleted it immediately. While many fans were unable to watch the teaser, the few fans who watched, claim that the Spider Mann is set to appear in the 2nd movie. But there is no official confirmation regarding this matter.

Introduction to the new character ‘Kraven – The Hunter’

The Spider-Man villain ‘Kraven – The Hunter’ could appear on Venom 2, ahead of his solo movie. Kraven, a Russian who came to America to kill and catch the world’s most dangerous pray.  has not actually been used on the big screen. There are rumors that the villain will make a comeback in Marvel’s untitled ‘Spider-Man 3’ movie. But Sony has its own plan on including the character in its own Universe of shared Spider-Man characters with other villains such as Venom, Morbius, and Carnage. Sony has other Marvel movies in the making, one of which being a film centered on Kraven the Hunter.


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