Vortex Review: Gaspar Noe’s entry at Cannes 2021

In this article, we are going to talk about Vortex, which is the new film by Gaspar Noe. It recently premiered at Cannes 2021 film festival. Now, before we delve into the movie itself, we have to talk about Gaspar Noe. He is one of the most sought after directors of all time.


We know him for making hit movies such as Climax, Into the void and Love. His movies are known with dealing complex human emotions and amazing visuals. Gapsar is also known as a notorious movie directors because his plots are complex and they deal with drugs, sex and moral turpitudes. Well, it seems that the new movie is also something along these lines. Therefore, read more to find out.


Vortex: Another feather in the cap

We know that the title of the movie will definitely strike a chord with the many followers of the directors’ work. But when it comes to the interpretation of the title, it seems that it represents something entirely different. It represents the idea of the life going down the drain.

Now, the run time of this movie is somewhat similar to the previous works of the director. But, it does seem that this time he is dealing with themes which he has not dealt with. This new story by Noe showcases the life of two people who are married to each other who are on the brink of death. But, this marks a depart from the usual theme adopted by the director which is Youth. Hence, this time it seems that the director will be dealing with life and especially death.

And the set design and production seems to fit this old theme. This is because of the fact that everything including the characters look old. The apartment that they live in looks old, the things inside the apartment – books, typewriter looks old.

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