Walking Dead : How and When T-Dog Died Full explained!

walking dead
The Character : T-Dog

Theodore “T-Dog” Douglas is a character from the The Walking Dead. It is a fictional horror drama TV Series which is based on the comic book series of the same name. The characted was created by the developer of the series, Frank Darabont and played by IronE Singleton. The character did not have a comic book counterpart and created strictly for the series.


T-Dog is portrayed as a well-intentioned and kick hearted man towards his fellow survivors, also he struggles to prove his worth in the group. He eventually adapts with the group and becomes one of Rick’s right-hand men.


Walking Dead – The Death Scene

By the end of the third season T-Dog tries to convince Rick and Daryl to let the two surviving prisoners join their group, but is overruled. Later, a horde of walkers somehow invades the prison courtyard, and T-Dog is bitten on the shoulder by a walker while securing the gate.  He then is killed as he sacrificed his life for Carol, allowing her to escape when they run out of ammunition. It is then revealed that Andrew was the one, who let the walkers in.


Walking Dead –  Reviews , Criticism and Explanation

The character got mixed reviews by the critics. The professional reviewers also claimed that this character lacked character development and dialogues. The audience also wanted more of his role. This could probably be the reason to his increased dialogues in season 3, and heroic nature of his death.


The audience went crazy after the death of T-Dog in season 3. This took an unexpected turn while everyone expected for the death of Carol Peletier who was nearly killed in that season.

Walking Dead – One of the possible reason for the death of T-Dog instead of Carol could be the fact that he did not have a counterpart in the comic unlike the other main characters. Also, Melissa McBride who played Carol is the only original character continuously appearing on the series aside from Daryl Dixon and now they are the only survivors on the show since season 1.

The creators of the show, Robert Kirkman and Mazzara were the planners of this death scene. The say that this plan was worked inorder to get Rick and his group back on their heels. The death also explained how important and essential this character was. They also said that they wanted to lose two people im that episode and felt that having killed T-Dog made the death of Lori unexpected.


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