Warrior nun season 2- is it coming? Or is it cancelled?

Warrior nun season 2 – Warrior nun is a web series which was released on Netflix on 2nd July 2020. The fictional series is based on the comic book character Warrior Nun Areala by Ben Dunn.


Warrior nun season 2 – PLOT
The story revolves around a teenage girl named Ava , her whole life changes when she wakes up in a lych-house and she discovers that she isn’t a normal human being anymore. Ava realises that that the sole aim of her life is now to protect others .
Ava is also blessed with supernatural powers and 2 powerful nuns Shotgun Mary (Toya Turner) and Lilith (Lorena Andrea) who accompany her in their journey to root out the evil .
Ava has already struggled a lot as she was paralyzed and being an orphan was just another nail in the coffin . The adventures and the imaginary situation are just what we love about the show and we know you love it too .


Warrior nun season 2 – RENEWED OR CANCELLED
We know you expect a release super soon but considering the fact that the first season made its release on Netflix recently , it’s understood that season 2 is not coming anytime soon .

Warrior Nun Season 2
Netflix too has not given any statement about the release of another season .
Renewal for the season is much likely as the fans responded positively to the “Warrior Nun” and the final episode of the season too reveals that the ending is still incomplete.

The series has literally won hearts and we hope the producers won’t let us down but they must be helpless to work for the next season of “Warrior Nun” as the pandemic has a hold on our lives and all the shootings are on a hault .

Sister Lilith (Lorena Andrea) to the history of the halo are what we think will be a part of the journey of season 2 , these are the undiscovered stories which were not revealed in season 1 and they are the mystery which we want to be out in the next season .

We’ll soon bring you all the updates about “Warrior Nun season 2 “as soon as we get them .


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