Watch Dogs Legion: Release Date, Gameplay and Everything you should know about this upcoming Game!!

The Watch Dogs Legion is the third sequel of the Watch Dogs Series, which is going to occur in the dystopian in the coming future. The previous Watch Dogs games set in Chicago and San Francisco, Legion will be placed in the fictional version of that huge city.


But unlike the previous Watch Dog sequels Legion has come up with a new twist. Each character in the game is going to be a potential protagonist for you in order to recruit to your cause. Each character comes with their own properties and skills that you can make use of of before jumping into any other member.


Release Date of Watch Dogs Legion

According to Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot, the release of Watch Dogs has been delayed to an unknown time maybe in 2020 or in 2021. This decision was made during a financial call in the late 2019. The original slated date for the launch of the Watch Dogs was March 6, 2020.

Watch Dogs Legion is set in post-Brexit London

London in the real life is famous for its heavy use of surveillance technology. The Watch DogsĀ  post-Brexit London seems to be a completely new thing in a completely whole new level.

Watch Dogs Legion

However, it turns out that the choice of the location was made before Brexit was all we could speak about. This was said by the creative director of Watch DogsĀ  Clint Hocking.

You can recruit and play as any NPC: Watch Dogs Legion

Watch Dogs Legion seems to be an ambitious game. No one is a protagonist in there. The cutscenes, story beats and the dialogues all are gonna change based on the character you choose to play as. Each character has a unique attribute that are going to affect their playstyle.

Three classes for DedSec agents: Enforcer, Infiltrator and Hacker

You can see the 30 minutes gameplay which was officially posted by UbiCentral. In the video you can see that there are three classes of the DedSec recruits.

Following are the details of the recruits:

  • Enforcer: Combat-focused class. Can equip explosive rounds on their weapons. Plant sticky mines.
  • Infiltrator: Hands-on stealthy type. Excel at general sneakiness. Have more melee options. Useful ability.
  • Hacker: They are also stealthy. Let the drones do the sneaking for them.


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