Watch first trailer for Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League

Warner Bros release the trailer of suicide squad: kill the Justice League. They confirm that in 2022 the game will be available for PCs, PlayStations, and Xbox series x.


The DC Fandome does not just only bring some amazing actors to the virtual screen for fans. But also some announcements related to movies and games. Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is just one of the games whose announcement was made in Fandome. Well, the super exciting year for DC fans.


Not just another part of the suicide squad, the movie is coming also show the suicide squad game is also coming soon. The game will not be available till 2022, but in Fandome, the trailer for the game is revealed.

Characters in suicide squad: kill the justice

From the trailer, we can see right now the four playable characters, and those are Harley Quinn, Captain Boomerang, Deadshot, and King Shark. And they will be against the dark or Evil version of Justice League, which is led by a purple eye, the devil version of Superman.

suicide squad kill the Justice League

Right now, there are only four playable characters in the trailer, but there are chances that we can get to play with  El Diablo, Cheetah, and Enchantress.

Well, this is super interesting to see the devil version of Superman and the good version of Harley Quinn and other villains, but this only exists in the game, not the movie.

Targets in suicide squad: kill the Justice League

Well, the very known target would be Superman. But the game is not just offering the one villain. There will be so much in the game. Some sources also told us that Scarlet Speedster would also appear in the game. The location of the game will be the keystone city, which is in Arkham Knight.

The game will pull every corner of the DC universe, and it is a blessing for every DC fan.


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