We Have a Ghost: The Netflix drama has found its actor

Lately, we have been seeing a lot of Netflix films which are going into development. Here we are talking about We Have a Ghost. This is another Netflix drama, which has found its lead actors and will be soon going into development. Hence, we urge you to read further because the cast of the film is bound to surprise you.


It has been revealed that the stars Anthony Mackie, David Harbour and Jahi Di’Allo Winston are going to star in the upcoming movie. The movie has been written by Christopher Landon. If you do not know, Chris is known for writing classics and famous dramas such as Freaky and Happy Death Day. So, we know that the movie has a robust cast behind to back it up. Further, the writer of the movie is also an experienced individual. Therefore, let us try to find out more about it.


We Have a Ghost: More about the upcoming Netflix drama

Now, before we explore the cast members of the drama, let us try to explore the story of the movie itself. The story has been adapted from another short story named Ernest. It is about a boy named Kevin who finds that their new house is haunted. The Ghost which has haunted their house is named Ernest.

The story also tends to explore the repercussions of such a revelation and it takes a distinct path. It explores how the family of Kevin become famous in social media after people come to find out that their house is haunted. But, then Kevin and his family try to explore the past of Ernest and it a grim past is revealed. This puts them at odds with the CIA.

The actors in the drama have a lot of experience. A lot of them fame from Marvel movies which they have appeared in. While one of them has acted in Star Trek and Army of the Dead.

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