What Is The Twerkulator Challenge? The Newest TikTok Challenge In Town!

TikTok fanatics have never been strangers to the many challenges that hits the market in the app. Well, the fans of TikTok should listen carefully as there is a new challenge in town all about twerking. The very famous music artist City Girls is out with their new album called Twerkulator.


The album has been received with praise and people are already buzzing that it will be the next party anthem, at least for the women out there. Celebrities such as Bow Wow and Halle Berry have been seen listening. Hence, we are very sure that this new challenge will be the next to do the rounds in social media.


Twerkulator Challenge – Single Video 

The single video of the song came about a few days ago. But, we can see that it has taken the world of TikTok by storm. They have introduced this dancing challenge and the fans cannot be more excited. If you haven’t make sure to tune into your account and take a part in this amazing challenge. What we do have to see is whether this challenge is going to be as big as others or not.

Twerkulator Challenge – What we know

Layla Muhammad took the social media by storm. This is before the fans got to see the original small video of the song. Followers got to see a whole new challenge in the app and the news spread like wildfire.

Since then the Twerkulator Challenge video has become immensely popular. Why? Well, because it has got views of more than 160,000. The original post by Layla also got a lot of views and has been seen 8.6 million times.

Social media has been taken up by a frenzy by the fans of TikTok. They have gone to the extent of saying that it might be among the top 40 hit list.

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