What Lisa Vanderpump Had to Say about Ellen DeGeneres’ Toxic Workplace Scandal

Recently, Ellen DeGeneres has faced a lot of backlash for her behavior at the set of her show. The Ellen Show is a popular American talk show that had always received good public feedback. People enjoyed it thoroughly and almost every A-list celebrity has been a guest.


Ellen DeGeneres Workplace Scandal

In the past few days, a lot of employees and ex-employees have come out to say how they have been mistreated by Ellen. It is said that she was very particular and had a strict code for what one could do and what one couldn’t do around her. Many employees and a few guests have come out to talk that Ellen has been extremely rude to them off-screen. Her on-screen personality is just a facade for the public. Her sweet gestures and charming personality are just on-screen. Numerous people have spoken out about how their workplace was a very toxic environment for the employees.


This scandal has changed the audience’s view of Ellen DeGeneres. All those who have supported her and avidly watched the show demanded an explanation from Ellen. Ellen has tried to defend herself but it has not done much to save the damage. Some of the accusations were said to be false and merely rumors. Ellen has come out to apologize to all. For the mistreatment and thanked them for bringing her toxic behaviors to light.

Seeing all this, some celebrities have come out to say things in favor of Ellen. They have come out to praise her for the way she treated them. Some called her a dear friend and spoken out about how kindly Ellen has spoken to them.

Lisa Vanderpump’s Statement about Ellen DeGeneres

Reality TV Star shared her feelings about the toxic workplace scandal about The Ellen Show. A fan page confronted Lisa Vanderpump about the controversy and her stand on it. To this, she stated that she had always found her to be quite lovely. She mentioned how she had appeared twice on the show and had met Ellen a few times randomly and all her interactions with her had been great. She had mentioned all these things in a tweet.


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