What To Expect From Youth Of May Episode 6?

Youth of May is now a famous piece of South Korean Drama. It is set in the city of Gwangju in the 1980s and focuses on the youth at that time. Youth of May has been getting nice reviews and fans are pretty impressed by it. The show is full of likeable characters and people can relate to them as they showcase emotional and personal turmoil realistically.


The show has finished with its first 5 episodes and the 6th episode is coming any day. So, let us look at the preview and see what we can expect from the next episode.


Youth of May Episode 6: What to Expect?

Most of this information is based on the preview released by the show. The preview started with the Hwang Gi Nam slapping Hee Tae and inquiring whether he can beat him now as he is all grown up. We can also see Soo Ryeon asking him what she would’ve done had her family seen such a thing. Thereafter, he replies by asking her why she’s so angry.

As it progresses, we can see Soo Ryeon and Hee Tae engaged in a conversation. We also see Myung Hee and Hee Tae having dinner at a hotel. There is a hint that they had met by chance. We can interpret this by seeing Hee Tae’s brother as he slyly asks what was the relationship between them. Hence, we can see that the next episode will be full of drama.

Youth of May Episode 6: Release Date

Episode 6 of Youth of May will be coming out on 18th May, 2021. As we said earlier, the show has managed to deliver some enthralling episodes till now. These episodes led to amazing storytelling with a noticeable development of the arc of the character. The fans can stream the show on Rakuten Viki.

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