What’s new on Netflix for the Autumn Month October?


Netflix: Series and movies have gained immense popularity throughout the world. There has been a rise in Netflix, especially during the pandemic when the cinema halls are still locked in India. People are moving into the criteria of virtual cinemas like Netflix.


Let’s see what Netflix has in the box for the month of October-



In October, we will see some of the greatest movies of the fall on Netflix. Although, there will be more information on this by mid-September, let us see what current information we have with us.

Deaf U (Season 1)


Netflix Release Date – October 9th

Deaf U is a new documentary on Netflix that is based on the deaf community.

The show is set to premiere on Friday, 9th October.


The plot is set at Gallaudet University, a private college with young adults that caters to the deaf and hard of hearing community.


Daequan Taylor, Cheyanna Clearbrook, Renate Rose, and Rodney Buford

– The Trial Of The Chicago (2020)


Release Date: October 16th

Aaron Sorkin has written and directed this promising historical drama taking us back to the late 1960s.

The show covers seven people on trial for their involvement in the DNC rioting in Chicago city.


Among the cast, we have, Eddie Redmayne, Sacha Baron Cohen, Jeremy Strong, and Alex Sharp.

Unsolved Mysteries (Volume 2)


Release date: October 19th

For the mystery lovers, it is great news that Netflix will soon release the second volume for the Unsolved Mysteries (Volume 2).

The first-half released in the earlier 2020.

Now, it’s returning with even more tales that never got conclusions.

This Series will also be featuring a ghost story which will be an add on advantage for Halloween.



Release Date- October 21st

This is a mystery romance movie directed by Ben Wheatley.

This is featuring the talents of Lily James, Keeley Hawes, Armie Hammer, and Sam Riley.

This movie follows the plot of a newlywed who returns to her husband’s sprawling estate. She finds herself in the shadow of his ex-wife.


Release date: October 22nd

Netflix has great news for all the horror movie lovers. Cadaver is a horror movie written and directed by Jarand Herdal.

The plot is set in the aftermath of a nuclear disaster. There is a family attending a subsequent charitable event where people are mysteriously disappearing.

La Revolution


Netflix release date – To be disclosed

This series expected to cover the entire French Revolution.

So history lovers, be prepared for some Netflix binge-watching.

The One


Netflix release date: to be disclosed

Set very much into the future, this drama has an extremely unique plot. This 10 episode TV adaptation, based on a novel of the same name is about what would happen when a simple DNA would be able to tell who your soulmate is.

So, recharge your accounts and bring in popcorns and cold drinks to have an awesome autumn!

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