Who is Aashna Hegde Dating? The Life of the Instagram Star

When it comes to Indian Instagram influencers, Aashna Hegde is a known personality. We all know that the world of social media is growing day by day. Now, if you are someone who is talented and have the personality to show it, then the medium can help you reach lots of people. It has the potential to kick off your career in style.


In the following piece, we will be talking about the personal life of this famous Instagram icon. Moreover, we will be letting you into the dating life of this personality. So, firstly let us look at the life of Aashna Hegde.


Aashna Hegde: The Instagram Influencer

She was born on the 8th of February, 1995. We all know that she enjoys a huge fan base in India and consequently has a lot of followers. Currently, she has about 974k followers on Instagram.

She is a person who has been very active on the media. Moreover, unlike more influencers, she takes the time to interact with her fans on a regular basis. And this interaction is not just limited to her Instagram handles. She has been active all over the place and consequently her fan base has been constantly on the rise.

Aashna Hegde: Her Dating Life

Now, people have been asking as to who is she dating currently. It seems that the influencer is currently single. People have been peddling rumours surrounding her when it comes to her dating life. But, she has never gone ahead and confirmed any of them.

Her privacy is set to such an extent that you cannot even know who she used to date. Therefore, she is one of those persons who has decided to keep her personal life away from all the media frenzy. Naturally, we respect her decision to do so.

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