Who Is Amari Bailey, Why Is Rapper Drake Mentoring Him?

Today, we are going to dedicate a piece to a rising star named Amari Bailey. We have always focused on established players in the past. But, today we are going to focus on someone who is on the rise and we can see a great future ahead of him.


Amari Bailey is our topic of discussion. Now, you must be asking as to how do we know that he is on the rise. What is so special about him. Well, it has been seen that the skills of this young player has been catching the eye of everyone who has been paying attention to his name. The best part is that it has attaracted the attention of legends such as LeBron James and Drake. They are placing their bets on him for being a future superstar. So, we thought it would be a perfect fit for us to do an article about him. He is not that famous at this point of time but we are of the opinion that he should be. So, let us get down to it.


Amari Bailey: Who is he?

It seems Amari is beginning to impress everyone out there. Further, the team of Sierra Canyons has seemed to find what it was missing. He recently won the California High School Basketball Player of the Year.

The Trailblazers Coach has gone on record praising this young star on the rise. He vouches for him and says that he sees a spark in this kid. There is a different feeling when he is on the field and the team feels that they are in control. The young Amari seems to have caught the attention of ESPN as well.

Amari Bailey: Drake angle

It turns out that Drake has been mentoring the player who is set to start at UCLA in 2022. He had also attended their latest game.

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