Who Is Jack Manifold Dating? The Popular Youtuber’s Personal Life

We are back with another article dealing with the dating life of a popular Youtuber, Jack Manifold. He is one of the most popular Youtube artists of all time. Jack is what people call a Minecraft Youtuber and he also has a presence on Twitch, the streaming platform.


We start the journey of Jack Manifold in year 2019. This was the year when he began his foray into the realm of content creation. At first his stream did not have a lot of followers, it was perhaps 100 people who used to watch him play. But soon his follower numbers began to grow and suddenly his viewers came to around 5k. He had around 1 million subscribers the last time we saw it. He is also known as the guy who sings at the end of the stream. The fans are left wondering whether this amazing guy has someone else in his life. Hence, in this article we are going to answer this question of yours.


Jack Manifold: Who is he dating?

Let us start with what we know for sure. Jack Manifold is not dating anyone the moment. It means that he is single. He has not stated at any point of time that he is seeing someone.

Jack can be usually found hanging out with his friends such as Tubbo and TommyInnit. People had also suspected that his preference may be non-binary. This is also based on the small Twitter which resulted in rumours that Jack might be gay.

It was all because of a confusion as one of his fellow streamers had congratulated him on reaching 200k subs. In the congratulations he wrote “Gaymer”. Support started to outpour over this and Jack wondered where this support was coming from.

He later took to Twitter and said that he is not gay and clarified the confusion.

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