Who Is Johanna Leia? About Drake’s Current Ladylove

In this article we are going to talk about Johanna Leia. Why, you ask? It is because one of the greatest rappers of this generation has fallen head over heels. Now, you may ask who is this rapper that we are talking about? Well, we are talking about the amazing Drake.


Drake is perhaps one of the best rappers and musical artists of our generation. Whenever any news surrounding him is dropped, the tabloids are quick to do a research on it. It seems that the rapper has developed a keen interest into this woman. Hence, we think that it is appropriate that we do a piece on her. The rapper had booked the Dodgers stadium for her just to have an intimate dinner with her. So, if he is going to such an extent to prove his love for her, we thought it would amount to an interesting read. So, here we go.


Johanna Leia: Who is she?

Firstly, let us begin by looking at the life of Johanna herself. Now, she was brought into attention after she starred in a Lifetime show. This show was called Bringing Up Ballers. It gave us four women entrepreneurs one whom was Johanna. These were strong willed entrepreneurs who would go to great lengths in order to ensure that their businesses are successful. Moreover, they would also try to help their boys make it to the NBA. 

The sad part is that the premise of the show is interesting. But, the show did not manage to connect with the fans and got cancelled after only six episodes.

Johanna Leia: How did the people know she was dating Drake?

The rumours of them dating were brought into attention as several helicopter shots were taken of them having dinner at the stadium.