Who Is Lauren Pope Dating In 2021? Everything You Need To Know

Lauren Pope has been in a number of relationships, but she has never considered starting a family. But, fortunately, she met someone with whom she shares the honour of being called a mother. Lauren has been subjected to a great deal of humiliation from her ex-boyfriends just because she was not successful at the time. She is currently a well-known television personality as well as a wealthy businesswoman.


She participated on a dating show and turned down Wayne Lineker’s proposal. On the internet, she’s been mocked as a gold digger.


Lauren Pope Biography:

On September 29, 1983, the British Reality Star was born in England. ITV2’s The Only Way Is Essex featured her. She has posed for male magazines such as Page Three, Zoo Magazine, and others. Lauren Pope, 36, started her career as a DJ in 2007 after working as a model for the Sun Page 3. Nuts magazine later dubbed her the “world’s sexiest DJ.” Calvin Harris’ music video for Ready for the Weekend features the Towie star.
She moved to London at age 18, where she began appearing in the Daily Star, and was spotted dancing alongside Prince Harry at a club.

Relationship Status:

Lauren Pope is dating Tony Keterman, the affluent owner of a foreign exchange company. In January, she confirmed the relationship with a photo of the couple kissing in Thailand.
Tony approached her by sliding into her DMs after the couple had met a couple of times. When he was on his way to Thailand, he invited her to join him. And she agreed. Lauren also stated that it was the most memorable trip of her life.
The star, 37, quit the reality show TOWIE after nine years in 2019, in order to spend more time with her beau Tony Keterman, and focus on her business.

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