Who Is Meryl Streep Dating? A Love Story To Unfold

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Michelle Quance/Variety/Shutterstock (10405453fi) Meryl Streep Variety Studio at Toronto International Film Festival, Presented by AT&T, Day 4, Canada - 09 Sep 2019

Today we are going to delve into the personal life of the great actress Meryl Streep. She is probably the most recognisable faces in the industry. Moreover, her performances and accolades that she has received speaks to her greatness.


Most people would be considered great if they have received an Oscar in their career. Well, Meryl Streep has 3 Oscars to her name. So, take that into account. It has been said that she was brought into attention of the mainstream audience when she did pictures such as Adaptation which came in the year 2002. In this article, we are going to talk about the personal life of this versatile actress and talk about her dating life.


Meryl Streep: Previous Relationships

She has been a star since a long period of time but had suffered a crushing heartbreak. This is because back in the year 1976, she met her first partner. He was none other than the actor John Cazale. John has also been regarded as one of the very famous actors of all time. He has appeared in countless great movies such as The Godfather and Dog Day Afternoon.

But, after being together for some time, things turned awry for them. This is because, at the mere age of 47, John was diagnosed with lung cancer. She was by his side when he underwent treatment but sadly he succumbed to the disease which left Streep in heartbreak.

Meryl Streep: Who is she dating?

Meryl Streep is currently married to a person named Don Gummer. They met after Streep was evicted from the house which she and John shared. After being kicked out she stayed in the loft of Mr. Gummer while he was out of the country.

They started to write to each other and a new love bloomed between them. Now, they are happily married and have four children.